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This weeks session definitely helped to reinforce the band,  I have felt fuller quicker. The hypnosis has had a positive effect on my life and I feel much more in control of the decisions I make about food.
Feeling In Control
Hypno-Band Client
Confidence building.
David, I just wanted to say how amazing I feel after one session and so empowered. I’ve been upset for a very long time and I just want to thank you so much for what you have helped me with.
It has helped me think about making better food choices. I generally listen to the session before bed it helps me sleep even though I wake at the end of the session I drop off straight after it finishes. I have felt more satisfied from smaller meals and feel more determined to lose weight I enjoyed the session and looking forward to the next session.
Really enjoyed it
Hypno-Reshape Client
Fear of Flying Client
Brilliant! It was fab!! I cant believe I was so under, I’m so strong willed normally but cant believe how excited I am now !! I’ll go clothes shopping now, I’ve been dreading it.
I’m finding it much easier to say no to food once I’m full. Before the start of this program I would just continue eating until I felt like I couldn’t move. I would eat every last bit of food on my plate even if I was full and didn’t really need to eat anymore. I know feel in control and don’t need to over indulged. I’m not constantly thinking about food, I feel satisfied with 3 small meals a day. I also feel a lot more positive about my weight and don’t feel the need to weigh myself all the time. I have a lot more energy and don’t cringe at the thought of exercise.
You’ve Reshaped my Mind
Hypno Re-Shape Client