Hypnobirthing is much talked about topic with modern mums who like to be reassured that the birth of their baby is a special and unique experience of calm and control.
Hypno-Birth is a training program for mums to be and their birthing partners, run over four weekly sessions.

Hypno-Birth1Plus of course with mums who want to banish the word pain as they birth their babies!

What will you learn?

  •  Breathing exercises.
  •  Deep relaxation exercises.
  •  Visualisation techniques.
  •  How to reduce or remove the need for ‘hard drugs’ during delivery.
  •  Release your fears and build confidence.
  •  Comforting massage.
  •  Support from the father/birth partner.
  •  How to achieve the best result for you.
  •  How to control your mind and body, so they work together.

Hypno-Birth2There are many proven benefits that Hypno-Birth can offer.
It can:

– Shorten the length of delivery
– Speed-up post-natal recovery
– Reduce discomfort and reduce need for chemical pain relief
– Encourage bonding
– Reduce post-natal depression
– Enhance mothering abilities

Classes available daytime and evenings. The classes are group based in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, they are also available as individual (Mum & birth partner) for those who prefer not to attend a group.

Classes are over four sessions, around 1.5 hours each, a CD or download is included for further listening.

Group Sessions x4 = £150* (per couple)
Individual Sessions x4 = £280 (per couple)

Please contact me for information on your nearest venue and times.

Mobile – 07535069874
Office – 01495 291260
Email – Hypno@davidfinch.co.uk

*Group session cost may vary due to venue hire (if needed).