Pain Management For Tattoo / Dental Treatments


Thank you to Conquerors tattoos, Abertillery for the tattoo and the video.

Are you are a tattoo artist who would like to learn this powerful technique?
Your client will be so relaxed, you can then concentrate on your artistic side.

I have had 10 tattoos, and numerous piercings they all hurt to some degree until I became a hypnotherapist. I then had a wings tattoo on my back virtually pain free!

I am running workshops where you can learn this totally cool and very powerful technique, so that you can provide your customers with an amazing pain management technique for Body piercing and Tattooing.

Not only are they virtually pain free, the healing process and time is much quicker and not so much (if any) swelling. This is due to the skin not being traumatised during the process.

Just think how cool that will look on your website? Imagine how your customers will feel? What will they say about you?

Update your skills now, your customers will thank you in the future.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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