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Past Life Regression

This is a fascinating subject and a style of hypnosis I really enjoy, as the outcome is different for each person. Although there is no formal therapy during these sessions, many people find it very therapeutic, enlightening and empowering.

I exhibit at mind, body and spirit events, during these events I am normally asked about past life regression.

Some of the questions are:

How long does it take?
Around 30/45 mins, up to an hour can be quite usual. At events, I offer taster sessions around 30mins, at a low cost.

Does it work?
Every time I have guided someone into their past life, they have had an experience, if that was a genuine “past life” I cannot say, it may be imagined, a memory conjured by a book or film? Some people research the details afterwards. However, you may not have been Cleopatra or Julius Caesar!

Can you have more than one “past life”?
Yes, I have had experiences of many different lives with clients.

Will I remember the session?
You may remember the whole session; however, I always advise you to record or film it on their mobile phone, it’s so easy to do. You will then be able to listen/watch again. I also offer this service in my office at no extra cost.

Can I change gender?
Clients can become male from female and vice-versa, so yes. You may not even be human. Amazing eh?

Can my friend come along with me?
Yes of course, past life regression is not like my therapeutic sessions which are confidential. I would encourage you to bring a friend and both enjoy the experience. Although I will still maintain your confidentiality.

I also offer “past life parties” – get 3 or 4 friends round to your house, I will come and give each person the experience in turn, what a great way to spend a night together?

How much does it cost?
If you come to my office 9am-5pm Monday to Friday £25. £30 other times.

NEW Every Tuesday – The Total Wellbeing Centre, Market Hall, Pontypool, Gwent, NP4 6JW  from 10am

Past life parties £25 per person. 3 min.