About me

My name is David Finch, in 2009 I was told by a consultant that if I did not lose weight and change my life-style I would be dead in ten years or less.
This was the moment my life changed.
Photo of a slim David Finch

Why did I need to change?

I had non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or “fatty liver disease”. Being a lover of all things chocolate and sweet, this made sense. I had a 40in/42in waist, which had crept up on me. Something had to change.
I discovered hypnotherapy. I slowly lost my weight, changed my bad habits for good ones and continued with the 6 monthly blood tests.
Fast forward around 4 years……. I was amazed with my results.
I decided to train to become a clinical hypnotherapist and master practitioner in NLP. so I could help others like me.
This took me almost two years of tuition, practice and study.
In 2014 I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and started to help people just like you and me.

How times have changed

In July 2015 I had the all clear from my doctors, my liver function tests are now normal. Proof that you can turn your life around.

Dave 10K

A proud moment

This was the 2019 Cardiff 10K, I had committed to not letting arthritis affect me, a year before I was using a walking stick at times.

If you would like to change something in your life, maybe a fear, become more confident, less anxious or change your eating habits give me a call or book a free consultation for a chat.
Trust me, I’ve been there, I came through the other side. Now I can help you.


Contact me

The Retreat - 13 Market Street, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent. NP23 6HL 07535069874