Hypno-Reshape Recordings

Hypno-Reshape Recordings

Accelerate your Hypno- Reshape success now

Get over 12 weeks of result focused
Hypno-Reshape recordings to compliment my book.

 My Hypno-Reshape book may already be helping you with your weight loss journey,

Now you can listen to the 12 weekly hypnotic recordings of the program. PLUS some great bonus recordings for you.

As you have already purchased the book, these would really help you!

You get this dedicated top-quality MP3 player to listen to your recordings? P&P & Delivery Free. 

Normally this would cost over £200.00
However, for a limited time you can buy all the recordings on a dedicated MP3 player for just £99.00

Embrace your journey now!

Shelly Palmer
I am doing a course with David whom I might add is an excellent teacher. David has patience and a good sense of humour which is needed when teaching. The course is very in depth and if you need any help Dave goes above and beyond to help in anyway he can. I highly recommend Dave and his courses I also recommend David as a hypnotherapist to.
Did one of the courses, was very useful and easy to follow and great Value for money.. looking to do another in the New Year but you get plenty of time to complete and support. Highly Recommend...
tracey cruickshank
I have recently completely my hypnotherapy diploma and NLP diploma with David finch March 2020-October 2020 within a group of six David was an excellent mentor he went above and beyond, not only in the classroom he was also available out of classroom hours via phone , text , email answering any of our questions Also being 2020 our course hit the middle of the pandemic and isolation . That did not deter Dave or us as we then continued on zoom meetings until we were able to re meet up . As a group we shared and helped each other and Dave set up a what’s app group too and added on any useful sites , webinars of interest as we all did . We also had regular one to ones to check our progress and to give any concerns or even ways to improve . Would I go and have therapy with Dave definitely. Would I recommend Dave as a training practitioner ? most definitely 100% . And even though I am now a qualified hypnotherapist Dave is still there for me ongoing . I have gone on and done another course with Dave on audio editing which was purely online and that also was fantastic and fully supported again all the way through Tracey cruickshank