Welcome to my downloads (many are free)

All files are MP3 format, they can be listened to on any compatible mobile phone and MP3 player. Please find a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed for around 30 minutes or more. If you would like me to record a personalised hypnotherapy session for you please email or call for details.

Relaxing Feel-good session (Free)

There are 3 versions to choose. The content is the same, however one has music and waking, one has no music and one has music and no waking. Please feel free to download them all.

Many people do not enjoy a good nights sleep. This may be for many reasons. normally there is something playing on their mind. In this case, why not book a session and get some help to deal with it?

In the meantime, please enjoy this recording.
Lay in bed and listen with or without headphones, and in a short time you will drift off into a peaceful nights sleep.

Please click on the photo of the pillows to download or click below to listen online.

The Arrow - FREE

The Arrow Technique was created by Freddie Jacquin, a fellow hypnotherapist. I thank him for sharing this technique and his ongoing inspiration to the world of hypnosis & hypnotherapy. My version is a variation of Freddie's and will help you with your self-confidence, become more in control of any negative emotions.

Mindreading - FREE

How can you control your anxiety? Who is in control of your anxiety? How can you stop “mind reading”?

Walk to Feel-Good - £10

This recording combines walking with motivational / feel-good messages, set to a steady beat which slowly builds. This is not a hypnotic recording and works best whilst walking.

Free E-Book 8 Weight loss secrets

I share some secrets of weight loss in this easy to read free eBook. Discover what you can achieve when you reshape your Mind & Body. Why not download it today and change tomorrow!

 Read my Hypno-Reshape Book

Hypno-Reshape is my 12 week weight loss program.
The book takes you through the complete program and includes downloadable forms and recordings.
Order yours now for £12.99 + P+P  HERE

Also available from my office – Only £10.

eBook Version: My mind training & weight management program book.
This eBook will take you step by step through the 12 week program. Download it and start reading, ideal for mobile or tablet use.

Stop Smoking (was £95) NOW £10

I have reduced the cost of this recording to help more people stop smoking. NOW is the time to stop!

10 recordings loaded on an MP3 Player £150

Would you like a dedicated player to listen to your recording? With this top quality MP3 player you can. Choose up to 10 recordings to be added, this includes 3 personalised recordings just for you. Email me or call for a chat and I will create 3 personal recordings, add them to the player then send it off to you. Hypno@davidfinch.co.uk

The Magic Mirror £10

The Magic Mirror is one of my weight loss recordings from "Hypno-Reshape. You can buy the book on my home page. Use this along with setting your own weight loss goals.

The Healing Coloured Lights - FREE

Some people may see this as a more spiritual session, however, this is not the intention. This recording is ideal for you if you would like to relax deeply whilst enjoying the feeling of wonderful coloured lights wash over you. Please choose a comfortable place to relax, a chair, bed etc. If you would like me to record a personalised hypnotherapy session for you please email or call for details.

The Jigsaw - FREE

The jigsaw is a great recording to help you see the BIG picture. Sometimes in life we get lost, The jigsaw will help you find your way.

The Sugar Monster - FREE

Do you have sugar cravings? Can't resist sweet treats? Not all sugar monsters are ugly. Break free today. Play or download this recording and lock up your sugar monster.

Gift Vouchers - Treat Someone

Please select from the following gift vouchers. They can be redeemed towards personal hypnotherapy sessions or used towards MP3 downloads on this site.

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