Getting started – Equipment Needed

Welcome to the audio recording & editing course

Please work through step by step, repeat any lessons again if needed. Your feedback is welcome to improve the program. This course will be available to access for 90 days from the time you started.

Further support: David Finch
Call: 07535069874

Here is a short list of your requirements to create audio recordings:

Laptop or MacBook: Reasonable specification, the faster the processor and amount of hard drive space will help, however most laptops under 5 years old should be powerful enough.

Microphone: You can use the onboard mic, however generally these are of a lower quality than an external microphone. I recommend a tie clip mic for recording better sound.
If you have a home studio you may wish to buy a studio mic or use the tie clip mic.
Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone

Headphones: I would recommend the full closed in headphones as this style blocks a lot more background noise out. If you can afford it, go for noise cancelling one. However, this is a luxury not a necessity.

Audio editing software: There are many options to choose from, I would recommend AVS Audio, Video & Photo (Paid) package and Audacity (Free). Audacity is a free to use audio editor. Others are available, however this course is specifically based on Audacity.

Software available here: Audacity – AVS4U –

All our training videos were created using AVS4U. I would recommend using AVS4U if you want a simple to use program for audio, video and photos.
Use the link above check out the lifetime deal to save money.

Something to record. During the course you will need to record and edit your content. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any content yet. This can be added later.